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Spotlight on London Hearts - April 2021

London Hearts is a charity which operates across the whole of the UK, helping to place lifesaving defibrillators in communities for public use. Our mission is to ensure that wherever you are in the UK, you are never further than 100m away from a defibrillator at all times. Less than one in ten people survive an out of hospital cardiac arrest, but we believe that this statistic can be improved with better access to defibrillators, and by empowering people to learn CPR and defibrillator awareness skills, so that they feel confident enough to step in and save a life in the event that someone has a cardiac arrest.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted our fundraising activities, but has also reinforced how necessary these devices are to communities. How quickly somebody receives treatment after a cardiac arrest has a huge impact on the likelihood of them surviving it. With ambulance times stretched across the country, it is essential that in an emergency, a bystander can intervene with CPR use a defibrillator to give someone the best of chance of survival. This means that a cardiac arrest victim can begin to receive care before the ambulance arrives and will hopefully result in the best possible outcome.

London Hearts has helped place defibrillators in all manner of public places across the whole country, including, but not limited to, village halls, schools, sports facilities and churches.

We are incredibly grateful for the support we have received from The Mosawi Foundation, which has allowed us to help provide defibrillators to a number of communities where they are needed most, including Glenwood Church and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, and St James's Church in London.

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Spotlight on Albany Road Baptist Church Two's Company - March 2021

Here at Albany Road Baptist Church in Roath, Cardiff, we have been working through the Covid 19 pandemic with the amazing support of The Mosawi Foundation, providing us with the means and ability to best help those in social need throughout our community. As well as the usual outreach and providing physical help to those who are struggling by shopping and collecting prescriptions, working with local schools, homeless schemes and providing pastoral care.As time went on we recognised the need of those who were isolated and lonely from lack of contact or missing hearing a friendly voice and visits from family.

To meet this need it has been necessary to adapt our usual model of response in a different way. We have therefore partnered with Linking Lives who provide the framework and have developed Two's Company, a telephone befriending service, to offer Church's as a way of addressing the current vast need.

Linking Lives and Albany Road Baptist Church believe the Church is in a unique position to respond to those needing regular company by telephone at this time. Many churches have a team of trusted and vetted volunteers from a variety of ministries who, due to the current circumstances, are unable to serve in their usual capacity but will still have a desire to help others. Two's Company seeks to mobilise volunteers to become an answer and lifeline to many who are experiencing loneliness.

We have put a team of befriending volunteers and also have identified link friends and partner them together to make regular phone calls. We hope when life returns to normality and we are able to meet in person again,this for some will turn into a physical meeting and invitation to Church activities and events. Un-insolating then and solving their social isolation for good.

In future we are also looking to open the service up to community referrals and create a wider team as part of our on going offering to the community.

Click to see the video with Deacon Kath Hubback and Pastor Richard Hardy discussing Two's Company

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Spotlight on Glenwood Church Wellbeing Space - February 2021

The heart of Glenwood church has always been to be a safe space forpeople to connect, to learn, and grow. Who we are and all we do comes out of our desire for God's love to be demonstrated and expressed through us. We want people to experience shalom and wholeness and our heart therefore is to be a community where every individual is valued and has something positive to contribute. We believe that every human being is of equal high worth and can thrive when rooted in strong relationships and flourishing communities. Therefore, as part of our expression of church we are creating a Wellbeing Space to serve our communities of Llanedeyrn and Pentwyn by reconfiguring our current premises and building a two storey 500 sq.m annex at the front of our existing building.

In the space we would like to grow and develop our existing programme of activities and also offer some new provision in partnership with other organisations. Through this joined up approach, professionals and volunteers can work together to ensure that a person's needs are met holistically and not in a vacuum. For example in the Wellbeing Space we will be providing Nutrition and healthy cooking courses, art and drama sessions for children and young people, specialist help with welfare benefits, housing and debt, food provision and Wellbeing courses such asstress management, mental and emotional wellbeing and bereavement.

We also gave our homeless guests a large bag of goodies with lots of Christmas treats which was been sponsored by The Mosawi Foundation.

We are incredibly grateful to The Mosawi Foundation for their invaluable support of this project and in particular the teaching kitchen which will bless and serve our communities for many years to come.

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Spotlight on Churches in Reading, Drop in Centre - January 2021

We at CiRDiC are very grateful to The Mosawi Foundation who have supported us. They have provided funds to help us make Christmas a good experience for the poor and needy in our community and to ensure all our guests received a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and a pudding.

The dinners and puddings were packed into containers to be taken away for their meal on Christmas day and we checked to ensure that someone would heat the dinners for those living in tents.

We also gave our homeless guests a large bag of goodies with lots of Christmas treats which was been sponsored by The Mosawi Foundation.

The team at CiRDiC made up 100 bags that were given out, along with the takeaway Christmas meal, to our guests on Christmas Eve as our wish for them was that they would have as good a day as it is possible, under the circumstances they face.

We are very grateful to The Mosawi Foundation for your help in making this Christmas a great success.
Mabel Boyd, Manager

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Spotlight on NOMAD - December 2020

December is always a busy month for NOMAD as we prepare Christmas food parcels, and this year is no exception. In fact, the whole year has been exceptional as we, along with everyone else have tried to navigate our way through the restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic. With much of our regular work curtailed and an increase in demand for food parcels for a few months the Food Bank became our key focus. Between March and October, we packed 2107 bags of food and delivered 955 food parcels a 385% increase over the same period last year. It was a privilege to be able to provide food for as many as 160 individuals and families and truly amazing to see the ground swell of support from within the community as donations of food and money poured in to support those in need.

We are enormously grateful to the MOSAWI Foundation who have been key supporters as they provided funds to help us stock up on items that we were short of and to allow us to respond to people who presented with various needs. Helping someone pay for their fuel bill, purchasing a laptop to enable someone else to continue their learning remotely and paying the transport costs of moving a fridge-freezer to replace one that had broken for a family. These were just some of the things that their donations enabled us to do in the community.

As restrictions were loosened some of our normal work returned and we found ourselves busy with one to one mentoring both in schools and at our centre. Family support work increased and alongside the foodbank - life with NOMAD became even busier.

Moving into the run up to Christmas 2020, we are preparing to pack food parcels for up to 150 families. The festivities will of course be different this year but thanks again to the generosity of individuals, community groups and local charities we hope to provide not only basic and essential food items but also include lots of the Christmas goodies that we all enjoy.

Christmas 2019 Food parcels awaiting delivery

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Spotlight on Oxford Hospitals Charity - November 2020

A huge, sunshine-filled thank you to the Trustees of the Mosawi Foundation from Oxford Hospitals Charity

'Thank you so much for your generous contribution. The sunflower growing competition has been enjoyed by many staff and their families, and there has been a real sense of engagement and competition! It has been a challenging few months for us all, and your kind gesture has meant there has been something positive to talk about. Once again, thank you.'
Katie Gore, Lead Physiotherapist, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

Oxford Hospitals Charity: about us
We are dedicated to providing the best medical equipment, research and facilities for our patients and staff, and go beyond what can be funded by the NHS. The impact of our work can be seen across the hospitals in the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust including the John Radcliffe, Oxford Children's Hospital, Churchill Hospital, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, and Horton General in Banbury.

For more information about the Oxford Hospitals Charity please see their website:

Oxford Hospitals Charity: registered charity number 1175809, a company limited by guarantee number 11052176