Spotlight on Kids Alive International - December 2021

Thanks to generosity of the Mosawi Foundation, Kids Alive International is delighted to complete our solar panel project at the 'Dar el Awlad' complex in Beirut, Lebanon. The complex has a school and care centre for vulnerable Syrian refugee children and their families and a residential home nearby for 32 orphans. The children have literally been in darkness since 4pm each day, due to severe energy shortages as a result of the economic crisis.

The school was reliant on diesel-guzzling generators - not only very expensive, but bad for the environment. We are so thankful for this award, as it will save a staggering £1,000 per month in energy costs, at a time when food inflation is running at 300+%. We can use this saving for our emergency food distribution for these impoverished families. The support from the Mosawi Foundation has been transformational and the ongoing rippling effects will continue indefinitely.

Kids Alive is a Christian charity that cares for some of the world's most vulnerable children, of all faiths and none. Children who have suffered unimaginable abuse, abandonment, neglect, are refugees, orphans or are living in abject poverty. We do this by supporting about 40 projects in seven developing countries, including Lebanon, Kenya, Zambia and Guatemala. Please watch our short 'Introduction to Kids Alive' video (

We have four projects in Lebanon based out of our 'Dar el Awlad' complex in Beirut, serving about 500 vulnerable Syrian refugees, with direct support to 200 of the children, including a school and a care centre. Our pioneering work in catch-up educationfor children who have not had the opportunity for an education due to the war, is supplemented by life skills, sports, meals, school supplies and family support programmes. More recently, we have introduced trauma informed care and specialist counselling by a qualified child psychologist (many of the kids have suffered trauma which in turn can lead to behavioural issues, which if not dealt with can stay with them for life).

We are so grateful for the Mosawi Foundation's remarkable and kind intervention which has fast-tracked the installation of solar panels on a key part of our Dar el Awlad complex, covering our entire energy needs. Not only does this save us an amazing £1,000 each month, but also ensures that we have a consistent supply of electricity every day, so these most vulnerable of children can learn and complete their studies in the light!

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Spotlight on Harpsden Cricket Club - New Changing Pavilion - November 2021

Harpsden Cricket Club are delighted to be on course to open our new changing pavilion for the start of the 2022 cricket season. Having completed at times a very complicated planning application and then navigated the pre-building work during covid times it has been at times a challenging project which would have not been possible without the help of the Mosawi foundation.

Harpsden Cricket club is a family led sports club offering Cricket to those aged 5 - 60+. Our junior programme is hugely important to us and we are proud to offer the most affordable cricket in the area. All of this is possible with the support of the likes of the Mosawi foundation.

With the enhanced facilities in place for next year we will turn our focus to attracting even more juniors to our club particularly those in state sector schooling.

Lockdown was a reminder to many of us the importance of community and friendships and by improving our facilities at Harpsden we want to be a central part of the community for all.

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Spotlight on Reading Rep Theatre - October 2021

Reading Rep Theatre are delighted to have been able to open their new theatre in the heart of Reading, following years of planning, and completing a million-pound fundraising campaign. With the generous support of The Mosawi Foundation, we were able to navigate the perils and pitfalls of building a theatre during a pandemic, and we were thrilled to be able to welcome the trustees to our opening gala in September 2021.

Reading Rep is a disabled-led, multi-award-winning theatre which, over the last nine years, has grown into one of the largest independent arts organisations in Berkshire. The company combines outstanding professional and participatory productions with a flagship ENGAGE programme to enhance civic pride, inspire community cohesion and ensure that Reading's most diverse communities can access quality culture.

The opening gala - the first time we opened the building to the public - was a celebration of everything which makes Reading Rep the company it is today. Guests including local artists, supporters, ENGAGE partners, and friends of the company, were treated to tours of the new space and heard from Executive Director Nick Thompson and Chair Alan Stacey before watching short performances from Reading Rep's three Associate Companies: Make/Sense Theatre, a youth theatre for the neurodivergent; Exit Pursued by Panda, a company championing British East and South East Asian creatives; and A Girl Called Stephen, who promote, present and produce work written by/for/with womxn and the LGBTQIA+ community.

This evening was not just a celebration of our work so far, but also a promise to all the people and organisations which have got us to this point. If people keep believing in us, keep supporting us, keep coming to our productions, we will keep working hard to make Reading a place where quality art and culture are truly accessible to everyone.

The Mosawi Foundation, following their generous support of the capital campaign to build our new home, are helping us do exactly this by pledging to support REBORN - Reading Rep's two-year project which reimagines the way we work to get the most out of our new space and reach even more diverse communities across Reading through longer lasting partnerships.

The gala marked the start of a very exciting year of events in our new home, which continues with four world premieres: DORIAN, A Christmas Carol, Jekyll, and Alby the Penguin Saves the World, followed by Shakespeare's timeless tale of love, magic, and mischief, A Midsummer Night's Dream. We can't wait to share these productions with the world, along with many many more to come.

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Photos by Harry Elletson

Spotlight on The Chiltern Centre - September 2021

The Chiltern Centre, based in Henley-on-Thames, provides short break respite care to young people (aged 16 - 30) with a range of learning disabilities often coupled with physical disabilities and/or complex medical needs. The Centre is a sanctuary for these young people. A safe, calm and happy space where compassion, kindness, dignity and respect are at the heart of things. It provides a bespoke and individualised service which helps to promote choice, positive self-image and individual identity for each young person who comes through the doors.

At the same time, it is a lifeline to their families. For parents in particular, the 24-hour care demands, the anxiety about their child's future and the additional demands on time and emotional reserves can be immense. The respite that the Chiltern Centre provides allows these families to take a rest and a break, focus on themselves and return to their young people energised and ready to support, care for and love them.

Over recent years it has become increasingly clear that time outside, connecting with nature and enjoying fresh air has huge benefits for physical and mental wellbeing. For the young people who use our service these benefits are particularly noticeable. With this in mind, in Spring 2021 we set out to completely renovate our garden space. It was a big task with £10,000 needed and only a few months to raise the funds in order to achieve the work this year. However, with the support of the Mosawi Foundation we have been able to complete this project and open our new garden to all the young people in our care.

The support provided by the Mosawi Foundation has enabled us to create a garden that is young and vibrant with plenty of space for activities that build friendship, confidence, self-esteem, connection with nature and much more.

There's a festival zone with a tepee tent, a seated relaxing area, an edibles area with table and chairs, a raised garden beds area which can be used for garden education and is interactive. We were even able to incorporate the original accessible trampoline and roundabout into the new design.

We are so grateful for the ongoing support of the Mosawi Foundation for the work we do at the Centre and for enabling us to develop and transform this enriching space.

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Spotlight on The Berin Centre - August 2021

The Berin Centre has served the Berinsfield community for many years; first as an employment support service, then taking over the building following the closures of the Oxfordshire children's centres, and now providing a wide range of services to the village and the surrounding area.

Alongside an array of children and family support services such as stay and play groups and school readiness programmes, we also provide a weekly Community Larder. For £3.50 a week members receive up to 10 items of ambient and chilled food plus a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. Larders differ from foodbanks, as the twin aims of larders are to reduce food waste (preventing perfectly good food ending up in landfill), and ensuring that good quality food is affordable to people who may be on a low income. We therefore have a broad membership of over 90 families; some of whom are looking to make more ethical and environmental food choices, and some of whom are moving on from using a foodbank or are just looking for more affordable ways to shop.

The Berinsfield Community Larder started two weeks before the first Lockdown in March 2020, welcoming its first members into The Berin Centre with 15 volunteers helping to serve the larder food and provide refreshments. When the lockdown came into place the team, with the help of supplier SOFEA, had to quickly move to a box-based system; providing pre-packed boxes of food to over 200 members each week at the height of the pandemic. The efforts of the team during this period were recognised by a visit from the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire, Amanda Ponsonby, to present the staff and volunteers with an award.

The larder continues to grow, and we hope that as restrictions continue to ease we'll be able to provide additional perks to larder members - discounts at local businesses, and refreshments while they shop. The support of funders and donors, like the Mosawi Foundation, enable us to keep the larder running. Hosting a Community Larder doesn't come with any specific financial support, so we cover the costs through our core staff and resources. The value of the larder, however, speaks for itself and we're committed to continuing to offer this vital service to the local community!

You can sign up to the Berinsfield Larder at

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Spotlight on YoCO's Buttercup Challenge 2021 - July 2021

Youth Challenge Oxfordshire (YoCO) was set up 5 years ago to support young people aged 14-21, helping them to develop resilience and confidence. We run an exciting 18 month programme, designed and delivered by experts, which educates young people to manage and overcome challenges such as mental health issues, pressures of social media, bullying and peer influence to take unnecessary risks. The groups meet weekly and are run by youth group leaders in central venues throughout Oxfordshire, with a professional team in support. YoCO's aim is to ensure every young person has the opportunity to develop personal confidence and resilience to choose to live a rewarding life and contribute to society.

Every year, we hold the Buttercup Challenge - our main fundraising event - asking young people and YoCO supporters to complete something active, five thousand times, to raise £5,000. Year on year our "Challengers" become more adventurous: from the original 5km run, we now have swimmers (with and without wetsuits!) completing 5km in the River Thames, cyclists accomplishing up to 50km and even trampolinists bouncing 5,000 times!

The enthusiasm for the Buttercup Challenge has not been dampened by Covid-19. 2020 was our first virtual year with everyone completing their challenges individually and then sharing their 5,000 successes via social media. This year, while our supporters continued their brilliant challenges remotely over the weekend of 22/23 May, the young people from our three groups in Faringdon, Berinsfield and Blackbird Leys, and their group leaders plus some alumni were able to meet in person to take part in their Covid secure 5km challenge.

As part of the YoCO programme, all our young people had been working with a sports coach to complete the "Couch to 5k" challenge and after a practice run (thank you to St Helen and St Katharine's School) they met up to run/walk the 5km route: some of it through beautiful buttercup fields and some through challenging muddy tracks: and we are so proud to report that ALL of our young people completed their challenge!

The Buttercup Challenge has become a key date in the YoCO calendar and we are delighted with the support that this event continues to receive, particularly from The Mosawi Foundation who, for the second year, very generously match-funded this year's event, enabling us to raise almost £11,500.

This money is vital for us to continue with the important work we do for young people. We currently have 3 groups operating and a 4th group is starting in Wantage in the Autumn.

Here are a few ways that this money will be spent:

  • £15 for a young person to Walk'n'Talk with a YoCO leader. Sometimes a friendly face and an understanding ear is what is needed - this initiative started during Covid-19 but has proved so successful it's become part of the YoCOprogramme.
  • £25 Registration fee for the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme so that one young person can complete all four sections with the support of the YoCO programme, the Group Leaders and the YoCO DofE advisor.
  • £75 for a group session about staying safe on-line, or drug and alcohol abuse delivered by experts.
  • £2,000 is the total cost for one young person to complete the life changing YoCO programme of 18 months - 45 weekly sessions, numerous fundraising events and two residential trips.

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Spotlight on Nomad Youth and Community Project 25th Anniversary - June 2021

2021 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Nomad Youth and Community Project based in Henley on Thames. Over the years Nomad has made a difference to the lives of hundreds of young people, parents and families through its targeted mentoring and parenting support programmes as well as running holiday activities, residential trips, detached youth work and community events within the local community. Nomad also runs the local foodbank and last year alone delivered nearly 3000 bags of food to individuals and families young and old in Henley on Thames and the surrounding area.

To kick off their 25 year anniversary celebrations, the Nomad team rowed the English Channel on the 14th of May - that is 25 miles (40km) on an indoor rower. There were also enough volunteers to row all the way back. This was a fantastic team effort and raised almost £4,000. The team are always very grateful for the support offered by the Mosawi Foundation.

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Spotlight on Thames Valley Air Ambulance: aftercare during a pandemic - May 2021

Thames Valley Air Ambulance is known for being at the frontline of saving lives, but the aftercare we offer is another vital service to help people come to terms with what was probably the most traumatic experience of their life. We were one of the first air ambulances in the country to introduce a Patient Liaison Manager to support patients and their loved ones on their recovery journey.

After discharge from hospital, our Patient Liaison Manager helps people process what happened to them and signposts them to specialist providers to ensure they get help for their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. But also, where a life-changing incident has affected employment and financial circumstances, we can help people understand and access any support they are entitled to.

The toll of the Covid-19 pandemic on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing has been high. Our Patient Liaison Manager has seen this first-hand with the sheer volume of former patients and the bereaved who have been seeking his help since the first lockdown last year.We saw a spike in former patients seeking aftercare services in 2020, with a peak of 76 former patients in March 2020 who contacted us for support.

Our Patient Liaison Manager, Adam Crosby, said: "The huge increase in former patients needing my help shows how long a shadow Covid-19 has cast on people's lives. People feel isolated and need support. But whether it's a phone or video call, the pandemic is not stopping us from providing the aftercare so many people need."

While the loss of personal contact was far from ideal, Adam continued to provide essential support remotely. During lockdowns, patients would send scans of their medical notes and over Zoom Adam would help to demystify the medical jargon.

Sadly, some of the most critically ill or injured patients that we're called out to don't survive. There are no rules or timeframes on bereavement, but Adam has observed that the grieving process has been compounded by the pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns. While video conferencing is no substitute for face-to-face contact, it allowed Adam to continue provide support and practical advice to bereaved families and friends.

Restrictions are now easing and many of us are starting to get out and about a bit more but, for some, the loss or the trauma they have experienced will continue to make them feel isolated. Whether remotely or in person, our Patient Liaison Manager will ensure that patients are not alone on their journey to recovery - as Adam says, "we can take those first steps together".

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Spotlight on London Hearts - April 2021

London Hearts is a charity which operates across the whole of the UK, helping to place lifesaving defibrillators in communities for public use. Our mission is to ensure that wherever you are in the UK, you are never further than 100m away from a defibrillator at all times. Less than one in ten people survive an out of hospital cardiac arrest, but we believe that this statistic can be improved with better access to defibrillators, and by empowering people to learn CPR and defibrillator awareness skills, so that they feel confident enough to step in and save a life in the event that someone has a cardiac arrest.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted our fundraising activities, but has also reinforced how necessary these devices are to communities. How quickly somebody receives treatment after a cardiac arrest has a huge impact on the likelihood of them surviving it. With ambulance times stretched across the country, it is essential that in an emergency, a bystander can intervene with CPR use a defibrillator to give someone the best of chance of survival. This means that a cardiac arrest victim can begin to receive care before the ambulance arrives and will hopefully result in the best possible outcome.

London Hearts has helped place defibrillators in all manner of public places across the whole country, including, but not limited to, village halls, schools, sports facilities and churches.

We are incredibly grateful for the support we have received from The Mosawi Foundation, which has allowed us to help provide defibrillators to a number of communities where they are needed most, including Glenwood Church and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, and St James's Church in London.

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Spotlight on Albany Road Baptist Church Two's Company - March 2021

Here at Albany Road Baptist Church in Roath, Cardiff, we have been working through the Covid 19 pandemic with the amazing support of The Mosawi Foundation, providing us with the means and ability to best help those in social need throughout our community. As well as the usual outreach and providing physical help to those who are struggling by shopping and collecting prescriptions, working with local schools, homeless schemes and providing pastoral care.As time went on we recognised the need of those who were isolated and lonely from lack of contact or missing hearing a friendly voice and visits from family.

To meet this need it has been necessary to adapt our usual model of response in a different way. We have therefore partnered with Linking Lives who provide the framework and have developed Two's Company, a telephone befriending service, to offer Church's as a way of addressing the current vast need.

Linking Lives and Albany Road Baptist Church believe the Church is in a unique position to respond to those needing regular company by telephone at this time. Many churches have a team of trusted and vetted volunteers from a variety of ministries who, due to the current circumstances, are unable to serve in their usual capacity but will still have a desire to help others. Two's Company seeks to mobilise volunteers to become an answer and lifeline to many who are experiencing loneliness.

We have put a team of befriending volunteers and also have identified link friends and partner them together to make regular phone calls. We hope when life returns to normality and we are able to meet in person again,this for some will turn into a physical meeting and invitation to Church activities and events. Un-insolating then and solving their social isolation for good.

In future we are also looking to open the service up to community referrals and create a wider team as part of our on going offering to the community.

Click to see the video with Deacon Kath Hubback and Pastor Richard Hardy discussing Two's Company

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Spotlight on Glenwood Church Wellbeing Space - February 2021

The heart of Glenwood church has always been to be a safe space forpeople to connect, to learn, and grow. Who we are and all we do comes out of our desire for God's love to be demonstrated and expressed through us. We want people to experience shalom and wholeness and our heart therefore is to be a community where every individual is valued and has something positive to contribute. We believe that every human being is of equal high worth and can thrive when rooted in strong relationships and flourishing communities. Therefore, as part of our expression of church we are creating a Wellbeing Space to serve our communities of Llanedeyrn and Pentwyn by reconfiguring our current premises and building a two storey 500 sq.m annex at the front of our existing building.

In the space we would like to grow and develop our existing programme of activities and also offer some new provision in partnership with other organisations. Through this joined up approach, professionals and volunteers can work together to ensure that a person's needs are met holistically and not in a vacuum. For example in the Wellbeing Space we will be providing Nutrition and healthy cooking courses, art and drama sessions for children and young people, specialist help with welfare benefits, housing and debt, food provision and Wellbeing courses such asstress management, mental and emotional wellbeing and bereavement.

We also gave our homeless guests a large bag of goodies with lots of Christmas treats which was been sponsored by The Mosawi Foundation.

We are incredibly grateful to The Mosawi Foundation for their invaluable support of this project and in particular the teaching kitchen which will bless and serve our communities for many years to come.

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Spotlight on Churches in Reading, Drop in Centre - January 2021

We at CiRDiC are very grateful to The Mosawi Foundation who have supported us. They have provided funds to help us make Christmas a good experience for the poor and needy in our community and to ensure all our guests received a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and a pudding.

The dinners and puddings were packed into containers to be taken away for their meal on Christmas day and we checked to ensure that someone would heat the dinners for those living in tents.

We also gave our homeless guests a large bag of goodies with lots of Christmas treats which was been sponsored by The Mosawi Foundation.

The team at CiRDiC made up 100 bags that were given out, along with the takeaway Christmas meal, to our guests on Christmas Eve as our wish for them was that they would have as good a day as it is possible, under the circumstances they face.

We are very grateful to The Mosawi Foundation for your help in making this Christmas a great success.
Mabel Boyd, Manager

For more information about CiRDiC please visit

Spotlight on NOMAD - December 2020

December is always a busy month for NOMAD as we prepare Christmas food parcels, and this year is no exception. In fact, the whole year has been exceptional as we, along with everyone else have tried to navigate our way through the restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic. With much of our regular work curtailed and an increase in demand for food parcels for a few months the Food Bank became our key focus. Between March and October, we packed 2107 bags of food and delivered 955 food parcels a 385% increase over the same period last year. It was a privilege to be able to provide food for as many as 160 individuals and families and truly amazing to see the ground swell of support from within the community as donations of food and money poured in to support those in need.

We are enormously grateful to the MOSAWI Foundation who have been key supporters as they provided funds to help us stock up on items that we were short of and to allow us to respond to people who presented with various needs. Helping someone pay for their fuel bill, purchasing a laptop to enable someone else to continue their learning remotely and paying the transport costs of moving a fridge-freezer to replace one that had broken for a family. These were just some of the things that their donations enabled us to do in the community.

As restrictions were loosened some of our normal work returned and we found ourselves busy with one to one mentoring both in schools and at our centre. Family support work increased and alongside the foodbank - life with NOMAD became even busier.

Moving into the run up to Christmas 2020, we are preparing to pack food parcels for up to 150 families. The festivities will of course be different this year but thanks again to the generosity of individuals, community groups and local charities we hope to provide not only basic and essential food items but also include lots of the Christmas goodies that we all enjoy.

Christmas 2019 Food parcels awaiting delivery

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Spotlight on Oxford Hospitals Charity - November 2020

A huge, sunshine-filled thank you to the Trustees of the Mosawi Foundation from Oxford Hospitals Charity

'Thank you so much for your generous contribution. The sunflower growing competition has been enjoyed by many staff and their families, and there has been a real sense of engagement and competition! It has been a challenging few months for us all, and your kind gesture has meant there has been something positive to talk about. Once again, thank you.'
Katie Gore, Lead Physiotherapist, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

Oxford Hospitals Charity: about us
We are dedicated to providing the best medical equipment, research and facilities for our patients and staff, and go beyond what can be funded by the NHS. The impact of our work can be seen across the hospitals in the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust including the John Radcliffe, Oxford Children's Hospital, Churchill Hospital, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, and Horton General in Banbury.

For more information about the Oxford Hospitals Charity please see their website:

Oxford Hospitals Charity: registered charity number 1175809, a company limited by guarantee number 11052176